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Turning Donors and Customers into your Fundraisers and Salespeople

March 1, 2020

Every fundraiser or salesperson knows that the easiest people to turn into donors and customers are already part of their network. A lot of the reasons why prospects are hesitant to buy or donare, or why they stop donating and buying, are mitigated by them knowing you personally. Your passion is contagious, they hear from you often, and they trust you – so they trust that their money is in good hands or that they’re getting a good product. But…

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Why Donors Stop Donating

February 16, 2020

Donors are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization, and their value cannot be overstated – but it can be calculated. Many fundraising and nonprofit professionals like to think that their job is different and distinct from that of people who work in sales and marketing – and in some ways it is – but the truth is that like any other business, your non-profit cannot survive without its customers: your donors. And just like any other business, your average donor’s…

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Why Thanking Your Donors is So Important

February 13, 2020

I am always shocked to hear non-profit professionals tell me that they don’t thank their donors. The logic goes that people open their hearts and wallets to charities and non-profits because they want to help a good cause, and doing so is enough reward in and of itself. While it’s true that selflessness and a drive to better the world is the primary motivator of many gifts, fundraising professionals who take that approach will notice their donor base dwindling, and…

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How to be Great at Gratitude – 5 Tips for Brilliant Donor & Volunteer Thank-you Cards

February 10, 2020

So you’ve decided to send thank you notes to your donors and volunteers. Good call! There are few combinations of words more powerful than “Thank You.” Letting someone know that their gifts or deeds not only contributed to a good cause but also inspired personal gratitude in the recipient is the simplest way to ensure that they feel unreservedly good about the time or hard-earned dollars that they’ve parted with. Now that you’ve decided to undertake this simple but important…

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