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Improved Retention Rate

Handwritten "Thank You" cards lead to an increase in donor retention of 38%

The average retention rate of first-time donors is only 19%, compared with 63% for returning donors. However, this massive gap represents an opportunity!


In a study, handwritten “Thank You” cards were sent to a subset of first-time donors. Donors who received the handwritten Thank You card were 38% more likely to donate again in the future than those that didn't receive the handwritten card.

Increase Engagement

Prospects who received a handwritten note were more likely to engage with future e-mail marketing campaigns (200% increase in open rate, 900% increase in forward rate).

Hoping to increase turnout for an annual event, conference organizers sent out various e-mail marketing campaigns to prospective conference goers, asking them to register online. However, the e-mail marketing campaigns had disappointing results, including low open and clickthrough rates.


In order to grab their attention, handwritten cards were sent to each prospect, informing them of the upcoming event, as well as letting them know they would follow up with more information via e-mail.

This resulted in e-mail open rates increasing 200%, and the rate of people forwarding the event e-mail to their colleagues increasing 900%.


Strengthen Sales

Customers who received handwritten "Thank You" cards spent more money, and made 33% fewer returns.

Luxury retail is an area that lends itself well to customer gratitude. In one example, a client sent handwritten cards a segment of their best customers, thanking them for recently shopping with them. The client found that, of those customers that received the handwritten thank you card, they spent over $16 more per month, and made returns 33% less often compared to the best customers who did not recieve the handwritten thank you card.


Better ROI

Client saw an 800% increase in ROI when using handwritten mail compared to their previous direct mail efforts.

Certain industries, such as real estate services, are known to have a very low response rate, but extremely high average deal value. This means that even a small increase in response rate can lead to a massive increase in your bottom line.


This is exactly what happened with our client, who switched from a generic flyer they were sending to homeowners, to a more personalized, handwritten notecard. Even with the increased cost of the handwritten cards, the client saw their ROI increase by 800%. They were so happy with the results that they decided to expand their use of our handwritten service ten-fold!


Word Of Mouth & Referrals

Handwritten Thank You cards increased social media mentions 1000% and led to the best month for new referrals.

Following a donation, the client typically sent leadership donors a printed Thank You card, and then followed up with a stewardship package including additional information about the work being done. The client felt leadership donors could be stronger spokespeople for the cause, so wanted to engage them more.


Leadership donors were then sent a handwritten “Thank You” card, as well as a handwritten letter from the chairman of the organization in the stewardship package. This lead to a more than 1000% increase in social mentions that month, as well a wave of new leadership donors referred by their friends who had received the handwritten cards. The client told us he still gets calls, emails and letters every month from donors thanking him for the handwritten letter


"The Most effective marketing in our history!"

Real quote from a customer.

This is what one client told us following a very targeted campaign that used a package of handwritten letters to contact prospects. They have since expanded their use of handwritten letters in other campaigns since then.